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Do you want to learn to sail?

Get on board and make the seayour new world

Our Confederated Sports Activities (ASC) courses comply with the guidelines of the Italian NationalOlympic Committee (CONI) for Sports Promotion Bodies (EPS); they can allow access to the National Qualification System for Sports Technicians (SNAQ)
in the European Qualification Framework (EQF). On this subject, see also Art. 49-quinquies of the Italian Boating Code.

You will discover new landscapes, the pleasure of sailing in and out the coast,by day and by night, the encounter with marine animals...
Sailing Pro will sail with you from port to port and from one anchorage to another all around the world.

ASC Courses Available

Start Yachting

An introduction to navigation
sailing for beginners

Offshore Navigation

For challenging passages. Preparatory course for the boat license exam.

Celestial Navigation

Unravel the mysteries of the sextant. The course takes place in the classroom.
Sailing Pro SSD is a Sports Promotion Organization (EPS) recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI)

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