Travel itineraries: The Amalfi Coast

The stretch of coast from Punta Campanella to Sorrento is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and evocative in Italy, picturesque villages overlooking the sea, verdant mountains and blue sea. Some areas are protected and regulated.

The first recommended stop is the bay of Nerano, just after Punta Campanella. Ashore gastronomic excellence in typical restaurants. Continuing on, there are coves suitable for stopping up until Positano, pearl of the Coast and an international tourist destination. For stopovers it is necessary to book a mooring buoy with a taxiboat service.  Beyond, one proceeds to Amalfi in a succession of breathtaking landscapes, with splendid villas built on precipices and hanging gardens of vines and lemons overlooking the sea that alternate with medieval fortresses surrounded by patches of lush greenery. A unique place that merits shore excursions by mooring your boat in Amalfi or Cetara, the only marinas on the Coast along with Salerno. Almost everywhere the seabed slopes very rapidly, and it is not easy to find an anchorage. In addition, the coast is exposed to southerly winds, and in case of predicted bad weather, it is a good idea to plan to shelter at Marina di Arechi or turn back expeditiously and shelter beyond Punta Campanella on the Sorrento coast.

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