Luglio 10, 2023
Travel Itineraries: Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone

A little history The ancient Romans also frequented Ponza as a vacation spot. It is also true that some noble patricians were exiled there, but it was a golden exile. During the Punic Wars, Ponza, the largest of the archipelago, was promoted to municipality and actively contributed to the defense of Rome from the Carthaginian fleet.  The Romans built […]

Luglio 10, 2023
Travel itineraries: Ventotene and Santo Stefano

The eastern group of Ponzian islands is very different from Ponza and Palmarola and includes the small island ofe Ventotene, less than 2 sq km, and the even smaller islet of Santo Stefano. Ventotene is formed in the lower part by the southeastern flank of a volcanic crater, overlaid with layers of more erodible material.  Morphologically, in […]

Luglio 7, 2023
Travel itineraries: The Amalfi Coast

The stretch of coast from Punta Campanella to Sorrento is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and evocative in Italy, picturesque villages overlooking the sea, verdant mountains and blue sea. Some areas are protected and regulated. The first recommended stop is the bay of Nerano, just after Punta Campanella. Ashore gastronomic excellence in typical […]

Luglio 7, 2023
Travel Itineraries: Phlegraean Islands

Procida Appoggiata, come la sorella maggiore Ischia, sulla caldera vulcanica dei Campi Flegrei, Procida è ciò che rimane di un antico vulcano. Le sue rocce sono in gran parte tufacee. L'isola dista solo 40 minuti di aliscafo dal porto di Napoli con cui é ben collegata. Da secoli è luogo di formazione marinaresca ed è […]

Luglio 7, 2023
Travel itineraries: Aeolian Islands

The seven volcanic cones rising from the abyssal Tyrrhenian plain, with anchorages of often challenging depths, make for a fascinating cruising itinerary for its landscapes, shore excursions, typical cuisine and Sicilian Baroque-style villages. Starting from the west we find Alicudi, a small circular volcano with steep coastlines that can be reached only in declared good […]

Luglio 7, 2023
Travel Itineraries: Cilento

The Cilento promontory represents a destination less traveled by holiday traffic, despitethe fact that its sea is among the clearest in the Tyrrhenian Sea. We describe it startingfrom the Gulf of Agropoli with its roadstead and marina. It is a good base for visiting thetemples of ancient Paestum, and the medieval village of Agropoli. The […]

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